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by Kimberly Wilson
September, 2021

Greenwich Theatre Company presents A Journey Musical one-woman show Written & performed by

Saturday, September 25th at 12:00 pm and

5:00 pm, at 100 Arch street, Greenwich, CT.


We were overjoyed to reopen with Kimberly Wilson's one-woman show, A Journey. An outdoor production under the GTC courtyard pavilion, free to the public!


A Journey is an intimate and powerful exploration of history and the Black Woman's experience. Kimberly Wilson tells of the struggles and influence of Black Womanhood with courage, dignity, faith, hope, and strength in perfect lockstep with the history of the United States.

Follow eight women in eight pivotal generations as she presents their stories through song, movement and monologue.

Joyful celebration and painful reflection tell a story of persistence and courage, and how Black Womanhood, not always intricately woven into the fabric of American history, is an important thread that weaves the tapestry together.

After each performance, the audience is invited to stay for a brief talk-back, extending the impact of this theatrical experience.

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